Europa hotel rendimiento para julio de 2017

LONDON – Europe’s hotel industry reported positive results in the three key performance metrics during July 2017, according to data from STR.

Euro constant currency, July 2017 vs. July 2016


  • Occupancy: +2.6% to 78.5%
  • Average daily rate (ADR): +4.3% to EUR118.30
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): +7.0% to EUR92.84

Local currency, July 2017 vs. July 2016


  • Occupancy: +1.5% to 78.2%
  • ADR: -1.6% to PLN285.62
  • RevPAR: -0.1% to PLN223.39

Demand outpaced supply in terms of growth in Poland, helping occupancy growth compensate for the decline in ADR. Warsaw recorded a 10.1% increase in RevPAR for the month, with occupancy up 8.0% and ADR up 1.9%. STR analysts note that the Polish capital’s performance was exceptionally high during the first six days of the month when it hosted the International Theatre Schools Festival.


  • Occupancy: -0.6% to 80.7%
  • ADR: +7.7% to EUR129.34
  • RevPAR: +7.1% to EUR104.33

The country’s ADR level was significantly lifted by Madrid (+13.3%) and Barcelona(15.5%). STR analysts note that it is still too early to identify a potential impact on hotel performance from the 17 August terror attack in Barcelona.


  • Occupancy: +64.9% to 69.2%
  • ADR: +8.9% to TRY330.83
  • RevPAR: +79.5% to TRY229.04

Turkey’s hotel performance showed dramatic year-over-year increases due to a comparison with the month of the coup d’état attempt in 2016. Istanbul saw a 132.5% increase in RevPAR for the month, with occupancy up 97.0% and ADR up 18.0%. STR analysts expect a similar growth pattern for August as performance declines continued through that month last year.

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